Tips on Dance Floor Game by my Friend Johnny Vice

The myth that only great dancers do well on the floor is down: you do not need be next Michael Jackson to generate attraction with dance. At a meeting of salsa dancers, you’ll have to impress with your steps to stand out from others, but in reality, other parties are much less demanding . Provided you don’t overdo it, just have fun and use body language to your advantage. Of course if you know some simple and specific routines, it will help.  Relax, I’ll explain how. First, you have to feel good about what you’re hearing and wearing. I, for instance, do not like brazilian funk, but that doens’t stop me from dancing when you play this genre.

My standard procedure in most cases involves more shoulder movement and connection with another person than real skill. The idea here is to escalate the touching, going from friendly to the seductive, and from there to sexual. I talked a little about anchoring and touch the past chapters, but the great thing that I’ll share with you is this: Women love to be touched, in a subtle way, of course. The first touch when you meet a girl should be in any situation, cordial or funny: present yourself, hold her shoulder briefly when she laughs, poke it with your elbow when you give a neg, things like that. As the interaction is heating up, you can raise the contact, walking arm in arm, holding hands, holding the waist and back, touching the face, kissing and finally getting her to your bed. All this can take hours and even days with interactions based in conversation.

On the dance floor, it is simpler. Using your body to express yourself, you have the same results in less time.

Chi Szeto is a dance instructor with international award-winning DVDs on simple dance steps, that can help guys using body movements to generate attraction, comfort, and seduction. He also released videos on Youtube, whose visits grow in geometrical projection. But what I like most about Chi’s Game is that it turns rookie dancers in skilled seducers.

From: Johnny Vice of Titan Wings and The Rules Breaker Blog. A excerpt from his upcoming book:  (I highlighted what I really resonated with)

Thanks Johnny!


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