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Best Fashion Advice You’ve Ever Received

The first impression you make on a woman before you even utter your first words is made by your sense of fashion and style.

The fashion advice every man needs to hear: Wear clothes that fit you!

Clothing that does not fit you can make you look short, fat, skinny, goofy.

Wearing clothing that fits you makes you look taller, sexier, sophisticated.

Incorrect Fit:  Proper Fit:

Let’s face it fellas, we’re not in High School anymore.   It’s not appropriate to wear XL jackets when your size is really Medium. Perhaps you have the opposite issue- maybe it’s been 10 years since college and you’re still trying to squeeze into your favorite t-shirt from High School.  For me the size of my clothes has gotten smaller as I’ve gotten older (to the point where they fit me completely now).  Yes it’s taken me a good 10 years to figure what looks best, but I can confidently say I know if my clothes fit me and the right sizes to wear.

6 Common ways Men’s clothes do not fit them:

  1. Shirts/jackets are too wide in the torso
  2. Sleeves are too baggy, too long
  3. Pants are too long
  4. Pant waist is too big or tight
  5. Pants are too baggy around butt and legs, crotch is too low
  6. Wrong size shoes

Incorrect Fit:


Proper Fit:


Ways to figure out if your clothes don’t fit:

  • Put your arms out to the side shoulder level – the shirt should not be excessively baggy around your torso.  If you look like you have wings and can flap them with all the excess material you need a slimmer cut shirt.
  • Hold arms out straight ahead chest level. Unbutton the cuffs and allow them to reach as far down your hand as they go. They should not go past 1/3rd of your hand (where the bottom of the inside of your thumb is).
  • Raise your arms up above your shoulders  – If  your shirt goes above your belly it is too small.
  • Roll up the bottom of your jeans/pants, if you have a cuff more than 2 inches your pants are probably too long
  • Pants are too tight if you have to inhale to put them on or if you can see the outline of your nuts.
  • Pants are too loose and low if you can grab large portions of fabric around your legs or from below your crotch.
  • Shoes are too big if your feet slide around, if you kick out and they move, if you have to wear super thick socks.
  • Shoes are too small if your toes go to the edge of the front of the shoe

How to find your clothes size:

  • Go to a tailor and get measured
  • Try different clothes brands as they size differently (I know Nautica and Tommy Hilfigger size Small fits like a size Large in Ben Sherman)
  • Try the clothes size smaller and bigger than you think you are.  Have a girl or buddy come with you to give you an opinion.  Ask the sales clerk for an honest opinion.

Ways to make your clothes fit you better:

Get them tailored.

Go to them Gym to put on weight or lose some weight.

Here’s an article I found helpful:

For custom men’s fitting consultation check out this site: http://www.KinoWear.com

You’ll feel better when you look better.  Go to the mall this weekend and try out some new clothes.  A couple of great fitting new shirts or new shoes will make you feel like a new man!

What’s the worst Fashion mistake you’ve seen a guy make?