7 Tips To Keep Your Gear FRESH!

I talked previously about how wearing clothes that fit you is the most important fashion advice you need to know.  I also mentioned great places like Buffalo Exchange and Nordstrom Rack to get high fashion clothes at budget prices. Another great way to look good without spending too much money is to take good care of the clothes Read more about 7 Tips To Keep Your Gear FRESH![…]

Best Fashion Advice You’ve Ever Received

6 Common ways Men’s clothes do not fit them:

Shirts/jackets are too wide in the torso
Sleeves are too baggy, too long
Pants are too long
Pant waist is too big or tight
Pants are too baggy around butt and legs, crotch is too low
Wrong size shoes

Ways to figure out if your clothes don’t fit:

Put your arms out to the side shoulder level, ther shirt should not be excessively baggy around your torso. If you look like you have wings and can flap them with all the excess material you need a slimmer cut shirt.
Hold arms out straight ahead chest level. Unbutton the cuffs and allow them to reach as far down your hand as they go. They should not go past 1/3rd of your hand (where the bottom of the inside of your thumb is).