Viewer Fanmail:Happy Bday Tarah

Chi tomorrow Tuesday is my beautiful wife’s birthday. Without you man I would not have chased her a second time and this time bud I’m not letting go may24th we are getting married so thank you so much for giving me the confidence I needed to follow my heart I owe it to you man thank you a million times over.

The Science of Dance & Mating

Sex is like forplay, and dancing close with a women makes them visualize and think about having sex with you. If a man can move in unison with the woman on the dance floor, a woman will be more likely to be attracted to him versus a guy who is too stiff and cannot get into a groove and vibe with her. As I said previously Dance Skill is related to Bedroom Skills.

Dance well>Get Attention>Meet Women>Date Women>Have Sex>Find Love>Make Babies.