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How to Get CLOSE while Dancing [How to Dance in a Club] Escalate!


This is one of the smoothest ways to get close to your partner while dancing.

It’s aggressive but a smooth move and you normally won’t get any resistance.

Tips for Guys:

-Dance apart for a little while and get comfortable vibing with her first.

-Don’t wait too long and be aggressive once you decide you want to bring her in closer.

-Hold her hands on your shoulders so she knows to keep them there. Otherwise may move them immediately.

Tips for Girls:

If you’re not into the guy or not enjoying the interaction you can back off or keep him at a distance with your hands. ┬áThink of a “stiff arm” in football =)


How to Freak on Jay Leno!

Exciting news! I was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 7/16/10. The clip is below!

The Internet Success and Failure segment  My clip is a SUCCESS around 2:20!


The original video is here with over 2 millions views: How to Freak Dance, How to Grind


Woop woop!