Be Comfortable With Your Sexuality

Often time being successful and attracting women on the dance floor has nothing to do with how well you dance, but just how you present yourself and the way you make the woman feel (Secure, sexy, desired, happy).

How to Be an Interesting Man

[youtube][/youtube] Going along with my last post, here are some great tips from the Homie UncoChin on how to be an interesting man.

How to Be an Attractive Man

It takes much more than just looks and money to make a man attractive to women. In fact often times you don’t need looks or money to be successful with women. Haven’t you ever seen really ugly dudes with super hot girls? Or hot girls with broke ass guys who drive a hoopty or maybe don’t have a car or job at all?

The Science of Dance & Mating

Sex is like forplay, and dancing close with a women makes them visualize and think about having sex with you. If a man can move in unison with the woman on the dance floor, a woman will be more likely to be attracted to him versus a guy who is too stiff and cannot get into a groove and vibe with her. As I said previously Dance Skill is related to Bedroom Skills.

Dance well>Get Attention>Meet Women>Date Women>Have Sex>Find Love>Make Babies.