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10 Ways to NOT get Drunk/Fucked up!

Having made a career out of partying, I’d have to say I’m pretty qualified to give advice on how NOT to get Fucked up drinking when you’re out.  I could write an article on “HOW TO GET FUCKED UP” but that would be too easy, I’ll leave that for when I’m feeling more hillarious.


We talked in #1 Mistake Guys Make in the Club  about how the most common way guys ruin their and their friends’ nights is drinking too much.  The ensuing episodes of regurgitation, loss of personal items, pride, and potentially your freedom never seem to add up to the short lived fun.


Here are a few suggestions to help you maintain throughout the night:


  1. Don’t take shots!  One or two is ok but for your own sake, don’t take 5 in a row!  Also certain shots will get you more smashed than others (strong drinks like 3 wise men vs. weaker lemon drops)
  2. Eat something before you drink (if you drink on an empty stomach your body will absorb the alcohol faster)
  3. Take a vitamin B 100 Timed release capsule as an anti hangover.   (I’ve done this and it not only prevents hangovers but also makes it a bit more difficult to get really drunk ;)  If you live in Korea they actually sell anti-hangover drinks that you down before you go out-these are effective as well)
  4. Don’t mix beer and liquor  (“Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear”) Don’t mix  darker and lighter liquors like whiskeys and vodkas.
  5. Drink water in between each alcoholic drink (Great way to pace yourself!)
  6. Set a limit on how many drinks you’ll have at the beginning of the night.  Only bring enough cash for a certain amount of drinks (plus entrance and parking, food, what not).
  7. Have a friend watch out for you and have them cut you off.  (Only problem with that is when you get too drunk, you don’t care anymore, you just want to keep drinking and most likely you’ll tell your friends to fuck off).
  8. Drink non-alcoholic beer like O’Douls.  (Tastes ok in my opinion and a good option if you’re driving and you don’t want to feel left out).  Last time I drank a couple I actually still got buzzed- hmm..
  9. Know the strength of what you drink and how it effects you.  Don’t drink super strong drinks like “Adios Mother Fucker” and Long Island Iced Teas.  Learn, know, and remind yourself of  your tolerance and limits and don’t be afraid to say “no” to others who ask you if you want a drink; say no to yourself.
  10. Don’t drink (easier said than done sometimes).   You can drink water, or tonic or soda, sometimes I do cranberry-tonic with lime. If it’s legal in your locale try blazing some greens, it’s a healthier and more cost effective alternative.

Drinking is fun, helps you loosen up a bit, and is an easy way to socialize.  Just keep it within reason.  Don’t go out for a night aiming to get “Fucked up” because inevitably you will.

Comment below on your best techniques on how to NOT get FUCKED UP!