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To Boner or Not to Boner?

Hillariously enough one of the most frequently asked questions about dancing with women has been “Is it ok to pop a boner when you’re dancing with a girl?”

The answer is “Yes, it’s ok to pop wood when you’re dancing!”  If a girl does not enjoy the feeling of your bulge against her body, she will not dance close to you or will push you off.  If you are already dancing that close to her to begin with she has some degree of comfort with you.

I know some guys get uncomfortable when they pop wood, but why would you?  It’s our bodies natural reaction to sexual stimulation.  Be comfortable with your body!  In fact when you get wood when you’re dancing with a girl you should pull her in CLOSER to you and grind on her ever nastier.  Don’t be afraid to be sexual with girls on the dance floor.

Tip to the wise,   even  if the girl is into it I would suggest pushing the girl off you occaisionally before she pushes you off.  That way you maintain control of the dynamic and don’t look needy.  The girl will like it that you take control. So continue to dance, then you can go right back to grinding the girl.  Just don’t try to grind her the WHOLE night (yes I know it feels good).  You have to play it cool, be able to dance with a girl without grinding her.


To hear a female perspective [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evxD-AyrDIk[/youtube]