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Viewer Fanmail:Happy Bday Tarah

Shoutouts to Tim and Tarah in Alaska!

Tim says:

Chi tomorrow Tuesday is my beautiful wife’s birthday.  Without you man I would not have chased her a second time and this time bud I’m not letting go may24th we are getting married so thank you so much for giving me the confidence I needed to follow my heart I owe it to you man thank you a million times over.


Amazing Salsa Club Patterns LA Salsa Congress 2012

African Jet “Tarek & Debbie”- their moves are awesome and I’m rewatching this video until I can figure out some of his Salsa Patterns!

“Club Dance King” Chi

Creator of the Dance Attraction Formula


Slow is Sexy! [Tips on Dance Seduction]

One of the most powerful techniques in dance seduction is having the ability and control to move SLOWLY.  “Slow is Sexy” because it builds anticipation with your partner and it acts like a time warp where you can really experience and be present in the moment.

I teach my students ways to vary their movements so they don’t get bored and their partner doesn’t get bored.  Changing how fast you move is one of the best ways to keep it interesting especially when you go from moving super fast, to really slow.

Try this next time you’re out: Even if your partner is moving faster, don’t worry about their speed, just slow down your own movement and get your partner to match you so you can experience this time warp sensation.

For demonstration here’s one of my older and most popular videos:


Keep in mind this is an instructional video, typically you wouldn’t move this slow the entire time, as I said it’s good to vary the speed of your movements while dancing.



Creator of the Dance Attraction Formula

Be Comfortable With Your Sexuality

In this video I show you one of my trademark Club Dance Moves-the “Pervert Stare.”


It’s a move that communicates that you have confidence, you are fun and funny, and that you are comfortable in your skin. with your sexuality, and with women.

I know many of my students have little experience on the dance floor and some are shy with women.  I want to stress that moves like this and others I teach in Dance Seduction Moves convey confidence, and ownership as a man.  You want to present your best self to the lady you’re interacting with and by being a bit more aggressive than the typical guy, you will stand out in her mind.

Often time being successful  and attracting women on the dance floor has nothing to do with how well you dance, but just how you present yourself and the way you make the woman feel (Secure, sexy, desired, happy).

When you try this move make sure you’re super obvious about it and not shy, even put a huge smile on your face and nod your head and or point at the girl’s booty.

Cheers and good luck!



How to Kiss a Girl While Dancing- Kiss Close


How to Kiss a Girl While Dancing!

Alot of guys are timid about touching girls and have no idea how to escalate and create intimacy with women while dancing.  I have many different techniques for Kiss closing but here’s one that works really well.

1. Establish chemistry with girl by dancing with her.. you can step touch, then transition to leading her around or turning her. Once you’ve built comfort and repoire you can turn up the heat!
2. Pull her in close with the spin move, or pancake flip (Club Dance Basics vol 2)
3. Kiss bite or nibble on her neck.
You can start with some pecks, but kiss increasingly sensually and you can bite her neck with your teeth and kiss her around her neck
4.Now that she’s warmed up, work your way up her neck and cheek  

5. Assuming she doesn’t push you off or give you obvious signs she’s NOT into you..
6.Go in for a soft initial kiss
You can tell the girl is ready to kiss she’ll turn into you.  Again be aggressive, the girl won’t even be open to letting you kiss her much on the neck and cheek if she has no interest in you.
7. Enjoy the rest of your night 😉


Creator of the “Dance Attraction Formula”



How I Hooked up with the Hottest Girl in the Club

I just got back from my first teaching trip to Dubai, UAE. An absolutely magical place in the desert full of the tallest skyscrapers, fanciest cars, the most beautiful women. Everything in Dubai is exotic especially the women. As an American to see so many Russian, Middle Eastern, and Filipinas was intriguing.

My 4th night in Dubai I met a gorgeous Filipina girl named Sofia. A stunning girl my friend Ryan and I talked to immediately to ask for a table, then Ryan said to me “Damn she’s hot!” The more I looked at her I realized he was right. There were lots of 9’s and 10’s in the building that night but almost all of them were “working girls”. The working girls were smokin hot, but having to pay for some action was not in the cards. Sofia was also “working” but she was selling drinks not herself as a waitress at the high end Club Triology in Dubai.

I gave her my number that Tuesday night, she texted me the next day and we chatted back and forth and set up a date for Saturday. Saturday we went out to Armani Club, had a few drinks and danced a bit, then went back to my hotel and ended up having a great night. Talked some more during the week and saw her again the next week before I left to return stateside.

As I look back on a successful Hook up, I observe a few things I did right.

  • I exuded confidence and high value
  • Was aggressive but  not needy or desperate
  • Made her qualify herself to me
  • Poked fun of her and didn’t take myself or her too seriously
  • Had a good wingman who talked me up to her.
  • Kept her thinking about me via texts and occaisional calls
  • Dancing well always helps
  • Dressed well.
  • I stood out and apart from all the other guys she meets.

All in all if I can pick out the biggest thing I did right I’d say standing out amongst the hundreds of guys she meets every week. As a waitress she works 6 nights a week and gets hit on all the time. She would later tell me that guys always tell her the same thing “You’re the most beautiful girl in here” and sometimes rich dudes will leave her $4000 aed tips ($1100 usd) to try to impress her. (And I thought my $90aed tip on $110 bill was decent!) I never mentioned anything about her looks the first night I met her.
She randomly told me the second night we hung out that I was not like every other guy she met and that’s what attracted her to me. Now again, I’m no Brad Pitt or expert, but the more experience and practice I get, the easier the game gets. If I can recommend something to guys looking to improve their game, I would say make sure you challenge women, and stand out amongst a sea of Average Frustrated Chumps.

I won’t tell you exactly what I said but if you need some ideas on how to challenge a woman; you can start by asking her if she’s adventurous, if she cooks, or as I mentioned before in BE PASSIONATE ask her what her Passion is.

Secondly stand out either literally by wearing something interesting and having a different style, or perhaps have cool stories to tell or think of otherways to make yourself memorable to women.

Good Luck!

Looking at your own succesful hookups what did you do right to hookup or how did you stand out? Pls comment below!


Be Inspired!

Just wanted to share a quick note.

Often times we are intimidated to try something new, because we feel the end result is so far off.  Or as I discussed in  Biggest Roadblock to Growth we are not willing to put our ego and pride at risk and would rather be comfortable.

What I noticed works best for me, and when I see the biggest improvements in whatever I’m doing (Dancing, Martial Arts, working out) is if I have inspiration and competition.  Whenever I feel like I’m the best at something I become very complacent.  However when I see say an amazing dancer in dance class, or on my dance company, I get inspired to improve.

Don’t look at someone’s amazing talent or skill and say "I’ll never be able to be like that".  Instead say, "I want to be as good as him/her", and know that with work you will make more amazing progress than you would ever imagine.


That is all,

Have a great weekend!