Slow is Sexy! [Tips on Dance Seduction]

One of the most powerful techniques in dance seduction is having the ability and control to move SLOWLY.  “Slow is Sexy” because it builds anticipation with your partner and it acts like a time warp where you can really experience and be present in the moment.

I teach my students ways to vary their movements so they don’t get bored and their partner doesn’t get bored.  Changing how fast you move is one of the best ways to keep it interesting especially when you go from moving super fast, to really slow.

Try this next time you’re out: Even if your partner is moving faster, don’t worry about their speed, just slow down your own movement and get your partner to match you so you can experience this time warp sensation.

For demonstration here’s one of my older and most popular videos:


Keep in mind this is an instructional video, typically you wouldn’t move this slow the entire time, as I said it’s good to vary the speed of your movements while dancing.


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