June 30, 2009

Dance Lessons

iDanceAcademy was founded by Chi “Club Dance King” Szeto who helps people feel Cool, Confident, and Connected through dance.  He is the most popular Club and Dance Seduction expert on the internet with over 25 million views and 28,000 subscribers.  From Los Angeles to London, Hong Kong to Dubai, he travels internationally to teach and perform.  He has spent over 13 years and thousands of hours pioneering and teaching the most effective moves and ways to approach, interact, and attract on the dance floor. He teaches Hip Hop, Electro, and Salsa Night Club Dance Lessons, Wedding Dance private lessons in person and online via Skype webcam. His iDanceAcademy instructors are the best instructors in all types of genres of dance and offer classes in choreography as well as social dances.


To help you build the confidence to approach, interact, and attract men and women at Nightclubs, Weddings, and Parties.  Not only will you learn to enjoy dancing, you will be able to make new friends and potentially find love, release, and fulfillment through dance.

Skype Webcam Lessons

After you’ve reviewed the DVD’s Chi is here to give you feedback and tips on how to make your look like a natural dancer, and how to be more confident, fun, and attractive on the dance floor.

Technology is amazing and skype lessons give you access to Chi no matter where you are in the world.  You don’t have to leave the comfort and privacy of your home. Now you have Chi virtually in your house and he’ll give you get his expert eye to help you look the best you can.

Private Lessons for Men and Women
A step above the Skype lessons as you are literally standing next to Chi and seeing and learning everything live.  The best way to learn rapidly is from the most sought after Club and Dance Seduction teacher on the planet.  Chi has traveled to Dubai, London, Hong Kong to teach and has students that fly in from from as far as Europe, South Africa, etc.

Private sessions work best for those who have time to see Chi on a regular basis. Consistent learning, and practice are key to rapid improvement and retention. Chi is available for private lessons by the hour and packages are setup to give you the fastest rate of learning and improvement.

Knowledgeable, helpful female assistants. (Available for skype or in person lessons)
One of the biggest benefits of lessons with the Club Dance King is actually being able to practice, get feedback from real beautiful women that you would encounter out at bars or clubs.   Most guys have one of 2 problems: they’re either too meak with women while dancing or they are overly aggressive.  You will learn how and what places are appropriate to touch women during dancing.  Chi shows you how to be more aggressive or if he asseses how to be less creepy/touchy with women.  Get your partner more comfortable and excited to dance with you..  Chi teaches you fun, sexy moves that go from harmless dancing, all the way through kiss closes and more.

Intensive Session (Los Angeles and Internationally)
Intensive sessions are the absolute fastest way to see improvement in your social dancing
Chi’s students take intensive sessions anywhere from 2 days- 2 weeks consecutively.

Sessions include 4 hours in studio (2 2 hour sessions) a lunch break where you get to know Chi and can pick his brain about anything.  You then spend another 4 hours out at the finest clubs with Chi. There you’ll practice everything you’ve learned, meet some sexy people, and have a blast.

Chi’s intensive students are sometimes locals from LA who want to get good fast, but mostly Intensive students fly to LA to learn from Chi or fly Chi to them internationally for convenience.  Webcam lessons work great, but cannot match the visceral experience of having Chi and his lovely assistants live.


Book Chi for at least 2 days intensive and a fashion consultation and wardrobe shopping session included as a bonus.  Looking sharp will give you more confidence and get you noticed by the opposite sex.

Group Session (Monthly Los Angeles)
So many people want to learn to dance, and the best bang for your buck is to learn alongside other students weeklywith Chi.  You still get some individual attention and you get to make new friends as well.

Group Seminars (Internationally)
Chi offers larger classes for groups, universities, and corporations.  Dancing is a great way to team build, bond, and show your organization a great time.  Scaled pricing, or group rates can be negotiated.

Body position and control.  Musicality, how to hear the beat and get a rhythm.  Basic to advanced movements and body coordination of multiple body parts such arms and upper and lower body. How to vary your moves so you and your partner don’t get bored.  How to interact with your partner so its fun, and sexy.  Learn Dance Seduction- not only the movements, but the psychology of how to turn your partner on while dancing.

Hip hop, Electronic Dance (EDM), Salsa, Bachata, and practically any genre

Other Services:
Wedding preparation, choreography for your first dance. Choreography for other events such as quinceaneras and talent shows.

ANYONE can learn to dance, Chi has taught the most uncoordinated people in the world, and EVERYONE improves even within the first hour. Guaranteed

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Q: How long will it take me to get good?

A: Depends on many factors like how good you are now, how fast you learn, how much you want to learn, how often we get together and how much you practice on your own. Expect if you do 2-3 times a week for a month, you’ll see the most rapid progress. -Chi

Use the form below to contact me:

[contact-form 6 “Contact Form”]TESTIMONIALS:

I know that taking lessons has crossed your mind and that you have the desire to dance and learn just like me.We all seen and know how much fun dancing is.I mean every time you turn on the TV or watch a YouTube video or music video that takes place in the club, everyone who’s dancing is having fun. At the same time we all know how much it sucks when all your friends are out having fun dancing at the clubs, Christmas party or bar and somehow you feel left out because you didn’t know how to dance. If you’re in that predicament, my suggestion is that you don’t cheat yourself.I encourage you to invest in yourself and sign up with Chi whether it be via Skype or in person.

I learned a lot and discovered how much more fun it is to dance than not dance at all. Trust me when I say having fun is a very attractive quality and that all the girls like guys who are having fun because they too want to have fun.If you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and look up any top 40 dance song that takes place in the club, guess what??? They all look like they are having fun and guess what, you will too!

As for the logistics, I took the risk and decided to invest in myself with ten lessons via SKYPE and then three lessons in person. When I first started off I had no idea what I was doing or what I was really getting myself into.But when it was all said and done, I finished with a solid foundation to build on. Everything you learn will help you in the clubs.It may sound mad corny but I discovered a new found passion and appreciation of music and a new way to express myself.Chi helped me with positive critiques whenever I was off and he explained why. Trust me when I say there were many times I laughed because I didn’t realize what I was doing until he showed me by copying my moves.

Look, at the end of the day, I know everyone who signs up with Chi will find themselves practicing on their dance moves.And of course with practice and time, you will become even more confident and better.All in all, we all know how much fun dancing is and what a great time everyone has when they do go out to the clubs and bars.Don’t get left behind, do yourself a favor and sign up for the lessons. When it was all said and done, It’s amazing how something as simple as a few basic dance moves could leave such a wonderful and lasting impression.Thank you Chi!

Manny from New York (Skype and In person Lessons)


“I took Chi’s lessons in NYC and I’m so Happy I made that decision.. Chi was a positive coach. He is very professional and works with you not against you. He is extremely patient. I have never danced before and knew absolutely nothing before meeting him in ny. He made me gain a world of confidence I never knew I had. He taught me various moves and many different ways to switch it up. After a few days I felt comfortable in the club. My personal favorite is the body roll haha. Chi is a great guy and just as good of an instructor. He is worth every penny!”

Justin P. Pensylvannia. Crash Course Weekend Student


Thanks Chi:) can i just say your videos have really helped me! i am a 36 year old guy and i have never really danced! and i am a musician as a profession! (a drummer teacher too haha) but i had this feeling that if i can find someone dancing in a video kinda how i want to dance in a club then i could get video editing sorftware and slow it down and watch every limb and copy till i can look the same. the problem was i couldnt find anyone doing anything that would fit in with normal dancing in a club! then i found your videos and did what i said (sorry i had to download them ) but i have a hot new girlfriend and shes bin doin street dance for years so i had to do this…..and with your videos slowed down sometimes (i found bits of you dancing showing how to use what you were teaching) and what you were teaching too…..i practiced loads (like 20 hours) and for the first time in my life i went to a club with her and danced all night!!! even at the bar, i really feel i can dance now!! and even more my friend say i dance great haha! thankyou for having your videos on youtube…you have helped me learn to express music physically and not just with an instrument!! not to mention the the times i am going to have in the rest of my life in clubs!! i look forward to what i learn from your dvd!

thank you

“To be honest, I came across your dance videos and me, well I really can’t dance. Im one of the few black people with no dancing skills and not much rhythm when it comes to moving, but actually just watching like 2 or 3 of your videos, surprisingly, it helped me out with just the way I move. Keep them comin for real. Just every move you know how to do, or just things that can be strung together”



“I bought an 10-pack of lessons with Chi over the summer, and it was an awesome experience. I learned some really cool basic moves that have helped out a ton in the clubs so far. Thanks again dude.”

-Collin San Diego


“Your Salsa lessons are helping me already! Even paddy says im getting on beat which almost never happens with him! haha. Thanks chi! your fabulous :)”

-Rochelle M. San Diego


“Chi’s a great instructor. I came to Chi to learn how to dance, beginning with the basics. I was originally very stiff and we worked on loosing that up while he emphasized being on beat at all times. He’s very patient and quick to catch what you’re doing wrong and drill on it until you get it right. We made significant progress and I would recommend taking lessons whether you need a little help, or a lot of help in my case.”

C. Nguyen San Diego


Hi Chi”,

I took a beginning club dance class with you. The class actually got me to enjoy dancing Downtown. Do you have any similar classes that teach the basics? I think you mentioned you were making a video too?

You teach the only dance class I can say that I enjoyed.”

-Kelley San Diego Group Class Student


“hey Chi~ just wanted to drop and let you know that i’ll miss your dance classes !! i was in your freestyle club dance class and i loved every week of it!! haha, hope you are well, and keep doin what you do, you have amazing talent. loved dancing with you, hope to see you around!”

-Carona Y. San Diego Group Class Student


jwtppdfconstruction from youtube:

I really appreciate the lesson because no matter how much you may know. you can always learn something new.


RidiculousThought from youtube:

Thank you very much for all your lessons. Its very useful – I always hate to dance. One time I found your lessons and I try to practice in my room with closed door. Now I’m in the club every saturday. So please dont care about strange comments and strange people. I’m wainting for next vids! Greetings from Poland!



Your videos rock. I’m one of the countless random dudes who was totally unable to dance and now can go out there and freak with some hot chicks. My signature move is the body roll. Thank you for that.

I’d like to take either private or group lessons from you. If you’re not teaching in LA anytime soon, I can journey to San Diego on the weekends. Please let me know when I should show up, if you’re available. I’m busy this weekend (V-day and all) but can be available any other weekend in the near future.





chi! i watched your videos before a dance, and i can honestly say i rocked it! my friends didnt know i can dance like that, because i’m normally shy at school and i seem kind of awkward. i’m a senior in highschool, and have never attended a high schooll dance before b/c i was scared of embarassing myself from others. even though i’ve watched your videos, i am still itnerested in taking lessons from you. i live in anaheim, 10 minutes from disneyland in california. i was wondering where you were located, and how much are the classes? i’m going to be in college soon, and i want to learn how to really dance with confidance before i hit the clubs :). thank you so much!



283pharmacy from youtube:

thank u…ur a godsend


LeandreaLeialoha from youtube”:

Thank you. I love how you break it down. It makes it so much easier to comprehend.


John Rubattel | Content Owner Manager


I work for AllTheContent.com, a content-agency with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Innovative content provider, our company follows a cross-media strategy with strong emphasis on selling content to mobile phone operators and webTV.

I come to you today in order to find a direct license deal with you in order to pursue the wide diffusion of all your Dance Lessons DVD. Your contents that I saw online would ideally fit to our current content-portfolio.

Our deals are generally based on a revenue-sharing model and we can bring you a very wide presence in the world class new medias. We have very fair standard contracts and are always open to negotiate some specific deals. Beside, I am sure that a more direct relationship will allow you to get clearer benefit for the cooperation and would increase on our side, the quality of the provided content.

Please come back to me with a short e-mail, and we’ll start with the process.

Of course, I stay at your entire disposition for any further information you may need.

Best Regards

John Rubattel


Hi Chi,

We wanted to let you know the dance was a hit! Everyone said it was their favorite part of the wedding. There were a couple of stumbling points for me, because it was the first time I did the dance in my dress, but overall it went well. Thank you so much for putting together such a fun dance and teaching it to us with such patience. We really appreciate it!! If I can fill out a form for the dance company to sing your praises I will. Just send me the information. If I’m able, I will send you the video of our performance.

Thanks again!!

Kristen (Schmaltz) and Paul Ketchen

We will totally vouch for your teaching skills and let them know that everyone STILL talks about our dance. It was a big hit! We can let you see the video for yourself if you want to see it. Let me know and I will see if Paul can get it online for you.


Hey Chi,

I love your dance moves. I’m a transfer student from Texas, and will be attending UCSD in the fall. I was wondering how much are private lessons for students?

Please get back to me ASAP.

Thank You.



Dear Chihoe,

First, thank you for your excellent how to dance video series. I

learned more from watching your five minute video on “step touch” than

from taking an hour-and-a-half dance class. Seriously.

Now, that brings me to my problem. I just took a “hip-hop” class

tonight, but it was not club or freestyle but coreographed Janet

Jackson moves. That’s would be great if I wanted to dance on TV, like

a girl. I Don’t. I’m not a girl and I don’t want to be on TV! I want

to dance freestyle in the club! I’m so frustrated!

Please help me out. Where can I go in NYC to learn to dance

freestlye/club/hip-hop, like the moves you teach? I wish I could take

lessons from you but you are awfully far away! Any help would be



Terence Harris



You don’t have to say thank you for what I said about your danceing , it’s the skills that you have as a person that really know to dance . Yes, I do want learn that club dance ,maybe alittle hip hop . I was thinking me going to California. .

one day or one day whenever I get the chance. Thank you so much replying back to me,

look forward for you teaching me how to dance .


Hey Man,

I’d like to carry your club dance lessons dvds in my street dance video store cypherstyles.com. What are your wholesale prices and how does the price drop as my order quantity increases? Thank you, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Style is Power TM

Barry Rabkin / BBoy GRIZ


CypherStyles, Inc.


Hi Chi

First, I’m sorry for my poor English

My name is Nir, 29, living in Israel.

Today I saw your video lessons for the first time, and I really excited to realize that I can find that kind of things on the internet.

No doubt, I gonna seat (or stand) and watch those videos a lot of time in the coming months

You are a great teacher. You explain everything just clearly.

Thank You!!!


Good mornin,

I represent an actress, who is a dancer, that needs to learn 60s style Go Go dancing for an upcoming film. Do you teach that? If so please advise and if you would be so kind leet me know who to contact about it. If you don’t, any recommendations would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Bryant Webb


Hi ^^ Im from Taiwan n i was searching for some club dancing clips and i saw your videos, learned a lot, n when i was looking at your website i saw you lived in san diego, which i am going to in a couple of weeks. So where in San Diego is your studio? And if i only have a little bit of dance experience am i qualified to take lessons? Contact we further with msn please


Hi Chi,

Hope all is well.

I’d like to thank you for your instruction.

Have a great rest of your summer!




Hi Chi, my name is Sean, I saw your site after just searching around the web and watching some super galactic beat manipulators videos. I was really inspired by first seeing Kevin Brewer and then watching the SGBM just added to that motivation. I’ll admit I’ve never danced before so my cup is empty you could say? I am in my 30’s, old I know to start dancing but I grew up when Hip Hop did so I know the music and the era fairly well I’d say. I was looking at Culture Shock for a few days before seeing your site since I have no experience I think I’d feel more at ease learning a core and basics before trying bigger group classes. Again the cup is empty, =) A few things I’d like to ask before I called for times was what would you recommend to wear to the classes? What is the difference between the semi group or private lessons? I don’t think I’d mind semi group even if I looked foolish for the first few classes. I’m ready to devot at least two days a week, I do work until 5 but I do work fairly close to La Jolla off of Mira Mesa Blvd. Would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you, Sean


Konstantin Bakanov 4/10/08

Dear Sir,

I saw the preview of your DVD on vimeo.com that teaches the basics of the Club Dance. Is this DVD available for sale anywhere?

I’d like to learn the basics of Club Dance, but the most videos you have on youtube are more of a Hip Hop style, which I am not really interested in. Do I understand right that Club Dance is something like a Disco dance? If so, then do you have anywhere on the internet some of the Club Dance tutorials?

I am not living in US.

Thank you,



Hey Chi,

This is Ali Smith. I really enjoyed our lesson today. I’m really sorry to tell you that I can’t come on Tuesday. I really want to learn a lot more about hip-hop, and I truly had fun with you. Thank you so much for everything you taught me and I really wish I could learn more from you because today was awesome. If I ever decide to really pursue hip-hop, you’ll be the first one I call.

Thanks so much,



Jordan Schroeder 10/21/08


I recently got married and my bride is a career dancer (ballet, modern, teacher, BA in dance, etc.) As we were designing our wedding reception we wanted dance to play a huge role, especially because so many of her dancefriends would be there. We crafted an energy-packed playlist of very dancable songs and it hit me: I CAN’T DANCE!

I have never been to a club, and have never danced aside from the awkward shufflings of high school slow dances. I felt sunk. So, in an effort to ‘try and keep up’ I turned to YouTube to look for videos to give me some movement vocabulary that I could learn from and your videos were at the top of the list. More than that, your videos broke down the movement vocabulary in an easy to understand way and slowly built it up to more complex forms. I loved it.

I wrote myself a “cheatsheet” (cuz I’m like that) of five basic forms from your videos to keep in my tux pocket so that I could refresh myself before hitting the floor. Once the music started, I was off and had a lot of confidence knowing that I had least had some basics to work with. BOY, WAS I WRONG!

Using your basic forms and methods of improvising that you showed in your videos, I ROCKED THE HOUSE! Everyone was shocked and amazed, all the dancers wanted to dance with me and said that they couldn’t keep up, and I found out later that onedance I did with one of the dancers was the highlight of the evening! After the reception, my wife turns to me and says, “We have GOT to hit the clubs when we get home!”

So, a hearty THANK YOU for turning a rhythm-less “white boy” into a “smooth operator” on the dance floor!



You don’t have to say thank you for what I said about your danceing , it’s the skills that you have as a person that really know to dance . Yes, I do want learn that club dance ,maybe alittle hip hop . I was thinking me going to California. .

one day or one day whenever I get the chance. Thank you so much replying back to me,

look forward for you teaching me how to dance .


hello Chi

I just discovered you yesterday and i’m already a big fun of you,

your way of teaching is just amazing and fluent

i’m from france so unfortunatly i can’t take your lessons, but i donwloaded all of your e-lessons from youtube and i don’t stop practicing!

finally i just wanna thank you coz thanx to you i’ve finally found rythm in my body, you are just genious \m/ !!

thank you so much and big kisses to you

youtube student PICa dilly France


39613 from youtube:

Great stuff, just subscribed after I realized I’ve fav’d 3 or 4 of your videos already.

I have more fun on the dance floor at the clubs now that I have a few of your moves in my repertoire and that naturally attracts more girls.


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