Persistence Pays Off!

“PPO” as my good friend Derrick calls it. We normally use the term amongst our friends in reference to the effort you must put in to get a girl.   I.E. it may take you 6 months or 6 years courting a girl, but persistence pays off and you will eventually get the girl in the end. My boy Jay and I laugh about girls he’s had in the pipeline for years that he eventually hooks up with. I marvel at it, as I don’t have that tenacity or patience with girls, I used to give it a few months, now a girl will be lucky if I spend a few weeks dating or more than 2 dates with them before I either decide I don’t like them, or that it’s more work than I want to put in.

I’m the type of person who always accomplishes his goals. The problem as I’ve discussed before is the prolonged time that it takes me to achieve them. As my mentor Eric says it’s all about the “speed of implementation, everything is a test.” I totally agree with him. I’ve learned in life that alot of success comes because of timing. You don’t have to be the best at what you do, sometimes being the first in line will get you very far.

I shot my first DVD in 2007. I was unhappy with the editing and production and have let that footage sit for 3 years. In 2007 a competitor came out to the market with the first Club Dance Instructional ahead of me. I will be completely honest when I say the video with a few merits, is not very useful. The moves are not practical, and the teaching is mediocre. No matter what my critiques are on it, they have been making money for the past 3 years, they must have sold thousands of DVDs by now.

I started my Club Dance Lessons Business around 2000. I began teaching private lessons part time along with other side jobs. I did temp work as an Aministrative Assistant for many years, I moved furniture in Orange County for a while, and worked at a group home for troubled teens. None of this made me happy so finally in 2007 I decided to teach dance full time. I ran a studio out of my house, had consistent students, and was approached by to do instructional videos for their site. My videos got good reviews and those were the first videos I uploaded to my page at Since then I have had over 15,000 subscribers and 11 million views. My How to Freak Dance vid was featured on Jay Leno’s “Internet Successes and Failures” as a Success. I have traveled the world teaching dance.

I have enjoyed my life dancing, partying, performing and teaching however on the flip side -half of the time I have been a starving artist. My parents and family have helped me out numerous times financially when I was down and out. In 2007 I was coming back from lunch with my student/friend Terry, when we were rear ended by a girl in a 4Runner SUV. She hit us going 40mph and totalled my VW Corrado.   I got the worst of it as I saw her car coming and tensed up in anticipation of the impact. I’ve had thousands of dollars of therapy and still have painful whiplash to this day. The stress from the pain has caused me to age beyond my years. This has been a critical moment for me as that day coming back from lunch I was scheduled to shoot more dance videos with Leila. Of course after the accident I was too sore and to make a long story short I have not shot any instructional videos in the past 3 years.

No matter what the reason or excuse was, I didn’t get done what I wanted to do. I let my DVD project and youtube videos sit for 3 years. I’ve had highlights like going on tour with Asia’s #1 pop artist Jay Chou, being contacted by a billionaire in Dubai for lessons, and teaching a Billionaire in the US. But I have been unable to fully capitalize on these opportunities.

Well PPO has finally come full circle for me.   A few months ago right before my 30th birthday I decided to make changes in my life. I moved out of comfortable, beautiful San Diego back to dirty, crowded, pretentious LA so I could be closer to my business coach and the entertainment capital of the United States. I worked intensely with my coach, and aimed to launch a new website ( and release my DVD on my birthday.  I  accomplished goal 1 as this site was up by August 5th, now 3 months later I can officially say that my first Dance Instructional DVD is for sale. (3 years after my original was planned).  This is by the way new material that no one has seen and has not been released. Those on my email newsletter list will be able preview some of the clips for free.

I cannot describe this combination feeling of stress, excitement, and accomplishment. I have spent these past 2 months chasing graphic designers, my video editor, and scraping up the funds pay for the DVD costs. I know this is not the end of my journey, it is the beginning and I hope you will follow me through it as I have so much exciting material planned for you. My goal is to make dance accessible to the world, to help people improve their health, confidence, and build relationships through dance. The world would truly be a better place is everyone listened to music and danced.


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