How to Take Control while Dancing:The Fatality

Here’s another move that I consider “Subtly aggressive.”  What I mean is it’s aggressive but I only say it’s subtle because if you do it smoothly the girl will always go with it.  If you do it really roughly the girl might get pissed, therefore I suggest being “firm but gentle” if that makes sense.

For those of you old enough to remember the video game “Mortal Kombat”  you’re supposed to say “Fatality” in a deep Sub Zero voice as you push her down. (Original credit to UrbanTea on youtube)


Disclaimer: Only use this AFTER you are having fun and the girl is comfortable with you. Do NOT walk up to any girl and use this as an opener, if you do you’ll probably end up with a black eye and kicked out on the streets!


2 thoughts on “How to Take Control while Dancing:The Fatality

  • Sup Cheech, the Fatality.. love it! Combo that with da Pervert Stare, and your golden. On a side note there was nothing “firm but gentle” about Sub Zero’s Fatality, he used to tear out a opponents head and spine in one smooth move.

  • la fille est plus grande que la danseur donc, vous dansez pas parfaitement . il faut bien choisir les personnes qui dansent . merci mais en general , j’aime !

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