How to Kiss a Girl While Dancing- Kiss Close


How to Kiss a Girl While Dancing!

Alot of guys are timid about touching girls and have no idea how to escalate and create intimacy with women while dancing.  I have many different techniques for Kiss closing but here’s one that works really well.

1. Establish chemistry with girl by dancing with her.. you can step touch, then transition to leading her around or turning her. Once you’ve built comfort and repoire you can turn up the heat!
2. Pull her in close with the spin move, or pancake flip (Club Dance Basics vol 2)
3. Kiss bite or nibble on her neck.
You can start with some pecks, but kiss increasingly sensually and you can bite her neck with your teeth and kiss her around her neck
4.Now that she’s warmed up, work your way up her neck and cheek  

5. Assuming she doesn’t push you off or give you obvious signs she’s NOT into you..
6.Go in for a soft initial kiss
You can tell the girl is ready to kiss she’ll turn into you.  Again be aggressive, the girl won’t even be open to letting you kiss her much on the neck and cheek if she has no interest in you.
7. Enjoy the rest of your night 😉


Creator of the “Dance Attraction Formula”

2 thoughts on “How to Kiss a Girl While Dancing- Kiss Close

  • Hello Chi,

    I am an elementary school teacher (K-6th grade), and would like to teach my students to dance. I have watched several of your videos, and you do a really great job breaking down the steps–very easy to grasp. My challenge is that your videos are designed for adults–do you have any videos that are not seductive? If not, would you consider making one– this is a good marketing opportunity for a specific audience.

    I look forward to your response. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Mary Lou

  • Hi Mary,

    Some of the videos are not as “adult”. You will have to peruse them, I believe the Basic Party, Smooth Dance moves, justin timberlake, party rock among others are along these lines.

    I will email you right now as well!


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