How to Be ON Beat! Musicality for Beginners [Learn Club Dance]

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Alot of my students have difficulty hearing the beats in music.  The

biggest mistake people make when dancing is being OFF beat.  Being off beat makes you

look goofy and uncoordinated.  Here are 2 simple things to listen for to help you be

on beat all the time.

First listen for the “Clap” sound.  This may literally sound like a “Clap”, “snap” or “TSSSSS” (think cymbal or high hat on a drum set).

This clap sound is typically the even beat or 2 4 6 8 of the music.

Next listen for the “BASS” sound which is the lower, deep sounding beat.  This is normally the ODD beat or 1 3 5 7.

Many of you have learned my STEP TOUCH move. You can now check if you’re on beat by seeing if your TOUCH is on the Even beat (the Clap sound).



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