Give yourself some Valentine’s Love!

One of the things that’s helped me improve my confidence SIGNIFICANTLY with women has been to learn how to be ok with me. It sounds so simple but deep down many of us have insecurities with our looks, careers, social lives..

Two of the topics I teach in my newest video Dance Seduction Moves “Wetter is Better” are BE CONFIDENT and BE SEXY. Be proud of who you are, good and bad, and don’t apologize for being the man you are and have become. Know that it’s ok to be a sexual being and to say sexy things to women, dance sexually… Know that women like seeing that you have the confidence to express yourself!

In the video I also teach you how to BE FUN, and how to TAKE CONTROL. Women love being around guys that make them laugh and enjoy themselves, I’ve also been told by different close female friends that they prefer that their man acts like a man and takes charge and is aggressive. As an Asian male I know for some this can be difficult as many of us were raised to be more passive or grew up in a female dominated household.

Just know that you can change old habits and learn all of these things, you can learn how to be the man you’ve always wanted to be. A more Fun and Confident man, Sexier, and someone who Takes control and goes after what he wants. If you are alone on this Valentine’s Day, give yourself this gift and become the best man you can be so when you meet that right girl, she’ll see all the best qualities in you.

As a toast to you, I’m offering an amazing offer for all 3 DVD’s, a FREE 30 minute skype lesson, a $15 off coupon go to and use coupon code: BESTYOU2012. Cheers, and see you at the top!


-Chi CEO of DanceFloorGame and Creator of the Dance Attraction Formula

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