Sexy Latin BOOTY Shakin to Punta Music

I love my job- learning and teaching the sexiest dances on the planet! [youtuber youtube=’’] In my last life I must have been Latino rump shaker, and now I’ve come back in this life as Chi Chingon!

How to Make Him/Her Smile While Dancing

This is a fun way guaranteed to make your partner smile.. Or you can even start dancing with someone by “booty bumping” them and see if they smile at you and engage you.. If they smile, or turn towards you just turn in towards them more and you can try the same move side to Read more about How to Make Him/Her Smile While Dancing[…]

FAQ: Can ANYONE Learn to Dance?

I’ve received many comments on my Channel where people say dancing is something you have naturally or you don’t… and that you can’t learn to have rhythm and feel the groove.

These comments are complete BULLSHIT. Rhythm CAN be learned, and ANYONE can improve their body control and coordination. In 10 years of teaching I’ve seen hundreds of the most uncoordinated people in the world and I can honestly say every single one of them improved.

Salsa Clubs vs. Hip Hop Clubs

I’ve danced Salsa 5 years and Hip Hop officially for 12 .  It would be hard to choose between the two as they are completely opposite of each other, but if I had to choose one genre to be in my life it would be Salsa. Salsa music (Latin-Jazz) is beautiful, romantic, inspiring.  Hip Hop music is Read more about Salsa Clubs vs. Hip Hop Clubs[…]

Be Passionate!

One of the first questions I ask when I meet a new girl is: “What is your passion?” Disappointingly 6 out of 10 girls answer “I don’t know”, or “I don’t have one.” As a man who has many interests-music, dance, women, cars, money, learning, teaching; it’s quite a turnoff if a girl doesn’t have anything she really loves in life. It could be any hobby or interest, they don’t have to be a Olympic Athlete, or a Master Chef, it can be something as simple as going to the gym, appreciating good food, photography,nature… It doesn’t have to be anything artistic or super exciting, but just the fact, that the girl I”m dating has something in life that moves them, allows me to relate to them.

Take Action Today!

So many people in this world are complacent. They are either content with the status quo, or even if they are discontent with something in their lives, they are not willing to take steps to fix or make progress towards what they want in life. I really respect and admire people who are go-getters. Even myself although I feel that I always accomplish my goals, I know that I take way too long to accomplish them. I take years to accomplish what could have been done in 2 months.

The Science of Dance & Mating

Sex is like forplay, and dancing close with a women makes them visualize and think about having sex with you. If a man can move in unison with the woman on the dance floor, a woman will be more likely to be attracted to him versus a guy who is too stiff and cannot get into a groove and vibe with her. As I said previously Dance Skill is related to Bedroom Skills.

Dance well>Get Attention>Meet Women>Date Women>Have Sex>Find Love>Make Babies.

Places to Meet Women Dancing (part 1)

There are a TON of ways to meet women through dancing.

Dance classes, joining a dance team or company, nightclubs, dance performances and concerts.

Take a dance class at a

Strip Away Loneliness

Learning how to dance will improve your confidence, health, but what most people don’t know is that it can improve your love life by allowing you to approach and meet more hotties at that club, party or wedding. Not to mention your sex life will improve as you improve your body control and learn how to move your body better.