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Priorities in Life

The older you get the more you realize what’s important in life.  I’d say my top 3 priorities in life right now are Health, Wealth, and Love. Would you be happy if you had those 3 areas of your life taken care of?

As I mentioned in my first content post, I’ve  spent plenty of time in my life being lonely. A few years ago I decided that being lonely was not acceptable anymore.  I was determined to have good friends I could call to hang out, and a hot girl to go out and have fun with.

Thankfully since I’ve been able to improve my social/dating life through the methods I’m sharing with you.   I know all of the guys out there want to date, hookup more and be able to find a nice girl to get into a relationship with.   Let’s look forward to achieving your goals.  I am putting all of my knowledge, training and experience at the clubs into the videos and article you will read.

Let’s do this!




How to Freak on Jay Leno!

Exciting news! I was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 7/16/10. The clip is below!

The Internet Success and Failure segment  My clip is a SUCCESS around 2:20!


The original video is here with over 2 millions views: How to Freak Dance, How to Grind


Woop woop!