How to Make Him/Her Smile While Dancing

This is a fun way guaranteed to make your partner smile.. Or you can even start dancing with someone by “booty bumping” them and see if they smile at you and engage you.. If they smile, or turn towards you just turn in towards them more and you can try the same move side to Read more about How to Make Him/Her Smile While Dancing[…]

How I Hooked up with the Hottest Girl in the Club

I gave her my number that Tuesday night, she texted me the next day and we chatted back and forth and set up a date for Saturday. Saturday we went out to Armani Club, had a few drinks and danced a bit, then went back to my hotel and ended up having a great night. Talked some more during the week and saw her again the next week before I left to return stateside.

FAQ: Will Dancing Help me Get Girls?

Without even dancing well, a man who has the confidence to get on the dance floor is way ahead of his peers, I’d say 40-60% of men at clubs never have the balls to step on the dance floor. So if you’re out there, you’re already way ahead of those dudes with their back on the walls clutching their drinks. (What is this -middle school?) Now I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help and am just sharing my experience.

How to Be an Interesting Man

[youtube][/youtube] Going along with my last post, here are some great tips from the Homie UncoChin on how to be an interesting man.

How to Be an Attractive Man

It takes much more than just looks and money to make a man attractive to women. In fact often times you don’t need looks or money to be successful with women. Haven’t you ever seen really ugly dudes with super hot girls? Or hot girls with broke ass guys who drive a hoopty or maybe don’t have a car or job at all?

Assholes Finish First!

I’ve realized that often times successful people are Assholes. Not that you have to be one to be successful I’m sure there are many people who have great success without being dicks. Even though Assholes may have bad reputations, they are the type of people who normally get what they want. This is due to the fact that they know what they want, they go after it, and they’re unapologetic about their feelings.

Confidence Dancing with Women

Latest Video: [youtube][/youtube] 3 Great qualities to have when dancing with women: FUN CONFIDENT SEXUAL Think about it, I’ll go into it in more detail soon. Cheers, -Chi

The Secret to Women

I was never good with women. I had my biggest crush for years on this pretty blonde girl in school named Stacy Goldstein. She lived 3 houses down from me, we used to ride the bus to school together… you know she was one of those girls you just stared at in class.

We started hanging out in 5th grade, I went to her pool during the summer, she came over to my house sometimes. I remember one day looking at our class picture and asking her who she would date at school. She named one of my good friends Sven, and she said she would date me. I was floored, imagine hearing that the girl you’d been crazy for saying that she would date you!

Be Passionate!

One of the first questions I ask when I meet a new girl is: “What is your passion?” Disappointingly 6 out of 10 girls answer “I don’t know”, or “I don’t have one.” As a man who has many interests-music, dance, women, cars, money, learning, teaching; it’s quite a turnoff if a girl doesn’t have anything she really loves in life. It could be any hobby or interest, they don’t have to be a Olympic Athlete, or a Master Chef, it can be something as simple as going to the gym, appreciating good food, photography,nature… It doesn’t have to be anything artistic or super exciting, but just the fact, that the girl I”m dating has something in life that moves them, allows me to relate to them.

High Fashion, Low Budget

As I mentioned before, the first impression you make on a woman before you even utter a word is made by your appearance. As many women know it’s always safer to dress well on daily basis even to run errands then to look like a slob. Be prepared and be at your best all the time, you never know whom you’ll run into.