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How to Dance at a Club- Girl Ass back to Guy

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This is a simple but fun way to dance at a Club, party, wedding that is sexy but not overly nasty grinding.

I break it down into 2 parts- first start with a bounce with the knees every other beat (dropping on the clap sound).

Then practice moving your hips side to side every other beat.

Add the two together and you can dance half time, or tempo (every beat).


Connect with your partner at the hips, guys make sure you lean back a little bit to not crowd the girl.

Try this one next time you’re out!

-Chi “Club Dance King”

The Secret to Amazing Body Control: Isolations

Body Isolations are fundamental drills you can work on daily to improve your control.  3 major iso’s are Head, Chest, and Hips.  Once you get control you can start connecting different body parts in waves which will look really sick.

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Secret to Moving Your Hips! (Learn Club Dance)

I’m releasing a new series on many of my secrets to dancing.  Will be putting out new videos every Monday!

The secret to smooth hip movement is bending your knees.  Notice if you’re very upright it is extremely difficult to control your hips.

Once you bend your knees, tighten up your quads and core you’ll have much better control of those hips.

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How to Get CLOSE while Dancing [How to Dance in a Club] Escalate!


This is one of the smoothest ways to get close to your partner while dancing.

It’s aggressive but a smooth move and you normally won’t get any resistance.

Tips for Guys:

-Dance apart for a little while and get comfortable vibing with her first.

-Don’t wait too long and be aggressive once you decide you want to bring her in closer.

-Hold her hands on your shoulders so she knows to keep them there. Otherwise may move them immediately.

Tips for Girls:

If you’re not into the guy or not enjoying the interaction you can back off or keep him at a distance with your hands.  Think of a “stiff arm” in football =)


Viewers’ Choice- What do YOU want to see next? [Club Dance Videos]

I’m filming the next couple months and would love to hear what videos you want to see next! More advanced Club Dance moves and combinations, Sexy moves for women, Footwork, Freestyle, Musicality, Salsa, Go-Go Dancing..

Comment below the post or on the video itself on youtube!


Thanks for the love and support!

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FAQ: Will Dancing Help me Get Girls?

The short answer is YES, dancing will help you get girls.

What I tell people is that dancing well or even decently helps you get your foot in the door with women. A man who can dance used to be a rarity but is now becoming more and more common. There used to be a saying “dancing is for sissies” and now we see these pro athletes like Emmitt Smith winning Dancing with the Stars. So it’s definitely more acceptable and especially with all the dance shows on TV these days dancing is growing in popularity exponentially.

Without even dancing well, a man who has the confidence to get on the dance floor is way ahead of his peers, I’d say 40-60% of men at clubs never have the balls to step on the dance floor.  So if you’re out there, you’re already way ahead of those dudes with their back on the walls clutching their drinks. (What is this -middle school?) Now I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help.

I don’t necessarily recommend learning dance to pick up women. I recommend learning to dance because it’s fun, healthy, sexy and because you love music. If you don’t love music, and I don’t know too many people who would say that then I would not recommend learning to dance. The people I’ve seen learn dance just to get a woman or man normally actually do find a mate, then you see them disappear from the scene.

That’s not to say that wanting to improve your social and dating life is not a valid reason to learn dance. The first time I remember dancing was in my parent’s living room as a little boy playing their “Saturday Night Fever” album on tape. I then starting breakdancing and watching Korean pop videos with my best friend Victor in Middle school. Then in college I was inspired to dance by my fraternity brothers and eventually danced with Kaba Modern, CADC, Culture Shock and others. I will say seeing the beautiful women taking the Salsa class at Culture Shock Dance Center was a definite motivation to start learning. I did however really like the music and the style of dance. What I’ve seen happen many times is people that first learn to dance say to get girls, eventually end of loving it and get hooked.

Dancing does impress women, and as I discussed before often times women judge your bedroom skills by seeing how you dance. My friend  Maria told me just last week that “dancing well makes a average looking guy much more attractive and sexy.”  The caveat is that while you can build attraction through dancing, you still have to have a good personality to back it up. What I mean is, ever since I started dancing in college, I’ve gotten alot of attention at parties, and performances etc. There is alot of clout and social proof associated with being on a dance team. Being on a hiphop crew is like being a celebrity. However as I mentioned in “Advice for Shy Guys” I’m naturally an introvert and up until the past few years was unable to talk to strangers. So even though I had good skill as a dancer, my social skills were poor and therefore I missed out on alot of opportunities with women.

What I’m saying is you have to be a well rounded man. I’ve even taught 2 different pick up artists how to dance. Even though they are very successful with  women, they wanted to be even more confident and they know that often times women will drag you onto the dance floor at Clubs and weddings and they knew that dancing would help round out their repetoire.

Learning any new hobby is challenging but very rewarding.  In the beginning it can be frustrating and difficult but if you stick with it, you will eventually learn to enjoy dancing, instead of fearing it!

Men: How has your dancing ability (or lack thereof) affected your success and interactions with women?

Women: Does a man’s dance ability improve his attractiveness?  Feedback is welcome!


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How to Freak on Jay Leno!

Exciting news! I was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 7/16/10. The clip is below!

The Internet Success and Failure segment  My clip is a SUCCESS around 2:20!


The original video is here with over 2 millions views: How to Freak Dance, How to Grind


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