Secret to Moving Your Hips! (Learn Club Dance)

I’m releasing a new series on many of my secrets to dancing. ¬†Will be putting out new videos every Monday! The secret to smooth hip movement is bending your knees. ¬†Notice if you’re very upright it is extremely difficult to control your hips. Once you bend your knees, tighten up your quads and core you’ll Read more about Secret to Moving Your Hips! (Learn Club Dance)[…]

Sexy Latin BOOTY Shakin to Punta Music

I love my job- learning and teaching the sexiest dances on the planet! [youtuber youtube=’’] In my last life I must have been Latino rump shaker, and now I’ve come back in this life as Chi Chingon!

Filipina Gogo Shuffling So Hard Her Top Comes Undone -Melissa Reign

I’ve got to say I’ve seen hundreds of GoGo’s over the years, but this girl can really dance. She’s captivating and dynamic in her dancing- She moves small, big, slow, fast, sexy, energetically.. Cheers Melissa!

What is a Salsa Congress/Festival?

I salsa danced for a year or two before I actually attended my first Congress. I was amazed at how many people went, the level of talent, and how far people flew from to attend these events. Here’s a clip from San Diego Salsa Bachata Festival from this past weekend: