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A Simple Way to be more Attractive at Bars and Clubs (part 3)

Dating Expert Josh shares a cool trick you can use on your iphone or cell phone to make sure you catch more attraction/attention when you’re out!

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Sexy Dance Moves For All my Ladies (Fellas won’t mind either I’m SURE!)

Ladies have been asking me to do instructionals for you on sexy club moves.  Here’s a preview of some of the stuff I’ll be teaching w/ my lovely lady assistants.



Slow is Sexy! [Tips on Dance Seduction]

One of the most powerful techniques in dance seduction is having the ability and control to move SLOWLY.  “Slow is Sexy” because it builds anticipation with your partner and it acts like a time warp where you can really experience and be present in the moment.

I teach my students ways to vary their movements so they don’t get bored and their partner doesn’t get bored.  Changing how fast you move is one of the best ways to keep it interesting especially when you go from moving super fast, to really slow.

Try this next time you’re out: Even if your partner is moving faster, don’t worry about their speed, just slow down your own movement and get your partner to match you so you can experience this time warp sensation.

For demonstration here’s one of my older and most popular videos:


Keep in mind this is an instructional video, typically you wouldn’t move this slow the entire time, as I said it’s good to vary the speed of your movements while dancing.


Creator of the Dance Attraction Formula

Marquee DayClub at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

A peek at the crazy fun we had this past weekend.  Wish you were there.. The best nightclub in Las Vegas Marquee at the Cosmopolitan


Come along next time!




Dancing at a Club:How to Connect with Your Partner


This is a fun simple move not alot of guys do, but whenever I do the girls smile, and whenever I see other guys they get the same effect.

Just pay attention to how I teach how to hold the girls hand, so it’s comfortable for her, you don’t want to make twist her hand, she will NOT like you for that!

What’s everyone doing?  I’ll be in Las Vegas teaching and partying at Marquee Sunday night Armin Van Buuren is spinning.


How to Dance At a Club:Leading the Lady

This is a simple technique that can be used to break the touch barrier and to get the ladies more comfortable with you.

If the girls arms are up, or even if theyre’ down around her hips- you can smoothly grab her hands and lead her around a bit.  I normally place my fingers palms up to her palms down, or you can put your thumb on her palm and  wrap your fingers around her wrist.



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Founder of Club Dance Lessons and Creator of the Dance Attraction Formula

Give yourself some Valentine’s Love!

One of the things that’s helped me improve my confidence SIGNIFICANTLY with women has been to learn how to be ok with me. It sounds so simple but deep down many of us have insecurities with our looks, careers, social lives..

Two of the topics I teach in my newest video Dance Seduction Moves “Wetter is Better” are BE CONFIDENT and BE SEXY. Be proud of who you are, good and bad, and don’t apologize for being the man you are and have become. Know that it’s ok to be a sexual being and to say sexy things to women, dance sexually… Know that women like seeing that you have the confidence to express yourself!

In the video I also teach you how to BE FUN, and how to TAKE CONTROL. Women love being around guys that make them laugh and enjoy themselves, I’ve also been told by different close female friends that they prefer that their man acts like a man and takes charge and is aggressive. As an Asian male I know for some this can be difficult as many of us were raised to be more passive or grew up in a female dominated household.

Just know that you can change old habits and learn all of these things, you can learn how to be the man you’ve always wanted to be. A more Fun and Confident man, Sexier, and someone who Takes control and goes after what he wants. If you are alone on this Valentine’s Day, give yourself this gift and become the best man you can be so when you meet that right girl, she’ll see all the best qualities in you.

As a toast to you, I’m offering an amazing offer for all 3 DVD’s, a FREE 30 minute skype lesson, a $15 off coupon go to and use coupon code: BESTYOU2012. Cheers, and see you at the top!


-Chi CEO of DanceFloorGame and Creator of the Dance Attraction Formula

Tips on Dance Floor Game by my Friend Johnny Vice

The myth that only great dancers do well on the floor is down: you do not need be next Michael Jackson to generate attraction with dance. At a meeting of salsa dancers, you’ll have to impress with your steps to stand out from others, but in reality, other parties are much less demanding . Provided you don’t overdo it, just have fun and use body language to your advantage. Of course if you know some simple and specific routines, it will help.  Relax, I’ll explain how. First, you have to feel good about what you’re hearing and wearing. I, for instance, do not like brazilian funk, but that doens’t stop me from dancing when you play this genre.

My standard procedure in most cases involves more shoulder movement and connection with another person than real skill. The idea here is to escalate the touching, going from friendly to the seductive, and from there to sexual. I talked a little about anchoring and touch the past chapters, but the great thing that I’ll share with you is this: Women love to be touched, in a subtle way, of course. The first touch when you meet a girl should be in any situation, cordial or funny: present yourself, hold her shoulder briefly when she laughs, poke it with your elbow when you give a neg, things like that. As the interaction is heating up, you can raise the contact, walking arm in arm, holding hands, holding the waist and back, touching the face, kissing and finally getting her to your bed. All this can take hours and even days with interactions based in conversation.

On the dance floor, it is simpler. Using your body to express yourself, you have the same results in less time.

Chi Szeto is a dance instructor with international award-winning DVDs on simple dance steps, that can help guys using body movements to generate attraction, comfort, and seduction. He also released videos on Youtube, whose visits grow in geometrical projection. But what I like most about Chi’s Game is that it turns rookie dancers in skilled seducers.

From: Johnny Vice of Titan Wings and The Rules Breaker Blog. A excerpt from his upcoming book:  (I highlighted what I really resonated with)

Thanks Johnny!