Be Comfortable With Your Sexuality

In this video I show you one of my trademark Club Dance Moves-the “Pervert Stare.”


It’s a move that communicates that you have confidence, you are fun and funny, and that you are comfortable in your skin. with your sexuality, and with women.

I know many of my students have little experience on the dance floor and some are shy with women.  I want to stress that moves like this and others I teach in Dance Seduction Moves convey confidence, and ownership as a man.  You want to present your best self to the lady you’re interacting with and by being a bit more aggressive than the typical guy, you will stand out in her mind.

Often time being successful  and attracting women on the dance floor has nothing to do with how well you dance, but just how you present yourself and the way you make the woman feel (Secure, sexy, desired, happy).

When you try this move make sure you’re super obvious about it and not shy, even put a huge smile on your face and nod your head and or point at the girl’s booty.

Cheers and good luck!



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