July 31, 2010

Who is Chi?

Chi “Club Dance King” Szeto helps people feel Cool, Confident, and Connected through dance.  He is the most popular Club and Dance Seduction expert on the internet with over 25 million views and 25,000 subscribers.  From Los Angeles to London, Hong Kong to Dubai, he travels internationally to teach and perform.  He has spent over 13 years and thousands of hours pioneering and teaching the most effective moves and ways to approach, interact, and attract on the dance floor. He teaches Hip Hop and Salsa Night Club Dance Lessons, Wedding Dance private lessons in person and online via Skype webcam. He is the founder iDanceAcademy which has teachers in ALL genres of dance for whatever style you’re seeking.


To help you build the confidence to approach, interact, and attract men and women at Nightclubs, Weddings, and Parties.  Not only will you learn to enjoy dancing, you will be able to develop relationships and potentially find love, release, and fulfillment through dance.

Why Dance?

Dancing well will improve your social and dating life by:

  1. Giving yourself more opportunities to meet and attract that hottie at the club/social events
  2. The more people you  meet, the more you will date and hook up.
  3. Dancing is a great way to stay healthy, release stress and tension.
  4. Dancing is great forplay!
  5. Improve the quality of your sex life as you improve your body control and movement, the better you and your partner will enjoy sex.  Know that certain dance skills and techniques are parallel to skills in bed.

ABOUT This Site:

In these articles you will learn general dancing tips and techniques, fashion tips for men, insight on self improvement, and insider tricks on how to maximize your club experience.

My Story:

I knew I loved music ever since listening to the soundtrack from the BeeGees Stayin’ Alive Soundtrack in the living room of my childhood home in the 80′s.  I starting experimenting with dance with my best friend Victor in Middle School by watching Breakdancing and Korean Pop Videos on VHS tape.  In college I was privileged to dance with Kaba Modern & CADC- the most prestigious Hip Hop dance companies in the scene.

In 2004 I unepxectedly auditioned and made my dream team Culture Shock San Diego.  I commuted  260 miles twice a week for a year from Los Angeles and eventually decided to move to San Diego. In 2007 I decided to jump into teaching dance full time.  I had a full roster of clients and began a successful Youtube Channel.  On April 11, 2008 I was rear ended at 40mph in Pacific beach.  I was in so much pain I had to cancel my video shoots, students, dance rehearsals, performances, and was in too much pain to take classes.  My bills racked up, and for 3 years my dancing and teaching has been limited.

In 2010 with my 30th birthday approaching, I decided I could make no longer make excuses, no matter what, I had to become a success and become the man I was meant to be.  I hired a business coach and in the past 1.5 years have released 3 new websites, and 3 Dance Instructional DVD’s.  In 2013, I’m finally making strides towards my personal, financial and spiritual goals and continuing to travel internationally to teach and perform.

Chi’s Dance Biography:

Chi first experienced choreography through his fraternity Lambda Theta Delta. He headed his AE pledge class dance routine and the same year danced in his first big competition AGC Talent Show. Feeling the adrenaline rush and audience energy, Chi knew dancing and performing was something he wanted to pursue.

Chihoe received his first formal training in Hip Hop in 1999 through dancing on Kaba Modern at UC Irvine and then moved on to dancing with and directing CADC. With Chihoe’s competitiveness and fellow dancer Khai Nguyen’s Artistic Vision, the duo set off the gain respect for the team which is known for their originality and creativity.

In 2003 Chi danced with Culture Shock LA and co-founded TeamBoogiezone.com Breed OC/LA with Elm Pizarro (Boogiezone.com) and Khai Nguyen (CADC, BREED). 2003 was a busy year for Chi as he struggled to find a balance between dancing for Breed, teaching at 24 Hour Fitness and taking scholarship classes at the Athletic Garage in Pasadena.

The next year found Chi auditioning unexpectedly for one of his inspirations- Culture Shock San Diego and being signed to Dorothy Day Otis Artist’s Agency. Making the move from Los Angeles to San Diego, Chihoe trained intensively with CSSD where he had the chance to train with many of the Jabbawockeez.

2006 was an exciting year where Chi danced with Supergalactic Beat Manipulators and had the opportunity to back up for Asian pop artists Lee Hom Wang, Jenny Tseng, and Alex To. His newfound passion for Salsa has since lead him to train under David Stein II, Alma Latina, and World Champion couple Jr. and Emily Alabi.

Chi currently teaches group and private lessons around Southern California and other cities while traveling. Chi is signed with McDonald Selznick Associates and returned from his first tour with Asia’s # 1 Pop Artist Jay Chou. He has recently released his long awaited Club and Dance Seduction Instructional DVDs which can be found Here.  He continues to train in many genres and loves to constantly grow and share his experiences.


Steven’s Steakhouse Team Salsa Competition Routine


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