6 Cures for Dance Anxiety

Last night I went to the The Merry Questmas party.  Quest is a group of professional dancers who gained fame through winning MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and dancing for Pop sensation LMFAO.

Of course in a party filled with professional dancers and their groupies, a dance circle formed.

For about 15-20 minutes, I stood around watching 20 something year olds freely expressing themselves, reveling in their youth, carefree limberness.

The music was calling me, and I got closer and closer to the center of the circle.  My mind warned me “Hey Dummy, your dancing skill is not up to par with these young bucks, don’t you DARE go in there”

I waited another 8 minutes as the music flowed through my body and consciousness..

I see a young Japanese dude, with free flowing long curly hair, takes to the center with complete ease and confidence.  He absolutely smashes the beat for 2 minutes, then melds back into the outer edges of the circle.

Mike Song, one of the most famous Hip Hop Dancers on the planet (of ABDC, youtube and Ellen Fame steps in and whirls around, destroying the beat with his tuts, and floorwork.

Shit! I definitely can’t go in after NOW after Mike Song, his greatness eclipses all others.

Another bloque comes in the circle, his moves are mundane, yet I marvel at his courage, freedom, and presence.

My ego, can’t hold me back anymore, the music take over and I head into the circle.

I do a few moves, just groovin, there’s always a temptation to throw in prescripted moves, but I just stay chill and boogey my way out of the circle.

I’m finally alive and free now and continue to lets my body flow the next few minutes.

I’m now at the bar grabbing a drink, a guy comes up to me and says “nice moves”

I say “so intimidating with all these pro dancers” and he’s like “nah not at all”

So THERE you have it. The “Club Dance King” also gets anxiety when dancing in a circle. Professional dancers can get performance anxiety and can be in their heads just like a beginner.  Sometimes while dancing even around novice dancers, but especially when dancing around other professional dancers.

Dance anxiety makes us feel fear and our logical mind attempts to keep us from being present in the moment.

The Solution and Lessons that can be learned:


1. Be present.  Be in the moment, experience the environment, and flow within it.

Resist relying on “canned material” and react to what’s going on now.

2. Be courageous.  Nothing risked, nothing gained.  After I went in the circle, I experienced a joy, relaxation, and momentary nirvana.  I allowed myself to be, and was thus rewarded.

Take risks, go after what you want. Throw yourself into the fire.  Life experiences teaches us and help us grow.


3. Seize the moment, often times we get multiple chances in life, whether it be in love, or business.  But often times there are some times/things that we can’t come back from.  Actor Paul Walker passed recently in a car accident.  Prior to his death I had seen his movies, enjoyed them, but was never wowed by his performances. Following his death, I learned about his charity work, and how he truly lived his life to the fulling through racing, and his charity Reach out Worldwide.  People mourn his death, but you can tell and imagine what a fulfilling adventurours life he lived in his 40 years.

Seize your opportunities, our time is short.


5. Fuck your ego.  Your ego is an antiquated membrane from the days we lived in the wild with animals and were at constant danger of being eaten as prety.  Our ego keeps us safe.  Our ego does not encourage us to take risks and try new things; it tells us to stay in the house, and to not stand out and shine.

Acknowledge your ego, understand it’s purpose, then push it aside and don’t be afraid to shine and express yourself.


6. Resistance is futile. Do what you are meant to do and love to do, find your passion and do what makes you happy.

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-Chi “Club Dance King”

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