World's Most Popular Night Club Dance Coach The @ClubDanceKing

Helps You Feel Cool, Confident, and Connected Through Dance.

Ways to Learn:

Instructional Videos

Chi’s Dance Instructionals are the most cost effective way to improve your dancing. Learn basic to advanced dance moves from the comfort of your own home. Replay and practice along with Chi as he gives you detailed instructions.

Webcam Lessons

Technology is amazing and skype lessons give you access to Chi no matter where you are in the world. You don’t have to leave the comfort and privacy of your home. Now you have Chi virtually in your house and he’ll give you get his expert eye to help you look the best you can.

Private Lessons

Private sessions work best for those who have time to see Chi on a regular basis. Consistent learning, and practice are key to rapid improvement and retention. Chi is available for private lessons by the hour and packages are setup to give you the fastest rate of learning and improvement.

Club Dance Intensive

(Los Angeles and International) Intensive sessions are the absolute fastest way to see improvement in your social dancing. Typical intensives are anywhere from 2 days- 2 weeks consecutively. Sessions include 4 hours in studio, a lunch break where you get to know Chi and can pick his brain about anything. You then spend the night out at the hottest clubs with Chi. There you’ll practice everything you’ve learned, and get personal feedback from Chi and his assistant.

About Chi

"I've seen the Most Shy, Uncoordinated People in the World and EVERYONE improves!
Hip Hop and Latin Night Club Dance Seduction Expert

Chi “Club Dance King” Szeto helps people feel Cool, Confident, and Connected through dance. He is the most popular Club and Dance Seduction expert on the internet with over 25 million views and 40,000 subscribers. From Los Angeles to London, Hong Kong to Dubai, he travels internationally to teach and perform. He has spent over 13 years and thousands of hours pioneering and teaching the most effective moves and ways to approach, interact, and attract on the dance floor. He teaches Hip Hop and Salsa Night Club Dance Lessons, Choreography private lessons in person and online via Skype webcam. He founded iDanceAcademy which has teachers in ALL genres of dance for whatever style you’re seeking.

  • Basic Dance Moves and Coordination
  • Musicality and Rhythm
  • Body Language, Tonality and Presence Coaching
  • Fashion Consultations

Dance Specialties

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How to Club Dance

Simple, Fun and Sexy Moves anyone can learn and use tonight at that party, club, or wedding. Solo dance moves as well as How to effectively partner dance.
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Dance Floor Game/Seduction

Learn how to approach, attract, and interact with that hottie you’ve been checking out all night. Learn how to be confident without being creepy!
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Salsa Dance Lessons

You can Salsa Dance in nearly every city in the world. This is a fun, passionate dance to amazing latin jazz music. Salsa dancing is one of the easiest ways to meet and connect with new people.
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Choreography for Weddings/Talent Shows, etc.

Chi has trained under the Jabbawockeez, Kaba Modern, Culture Shock, and performed with Asian superstar Jay Chou. He can easily create and breakdown choreography of all levels.

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