How to Dance at a Club- Girl Ass back to Guy

This is a simple but MUST know move for Men AND Women.

Alot of guys think you have to do some crazy grinding with a girl to turn her on, but actually this simple side to side grind is sexy and hard to mess up!  Guys push your hips forward and lean your upper body away from her back, girls push your hips back (if you like the guy) and you two will be having a great time on the dance floor!

-Chi “Club Dance King”


Musical Freestyle Dance at Venice Beach- Gabriel Francisco

Got a chance to hang out with one of the first people to teach me hiphop dance at UC Irvine- Gabriel Francisco.  He danced with Culture Shock San Diego and now teaches all over Europe.

Gabriel Francisco Freestyle Dance  at Venice Beach.  Pretty great to watch such a free dancer, who mixes alot of different styles.

For more about Gabriel Find him at

Kizomba- My New Favorite Club Dance and Music- Ivo and Shani

I’m absolutely HOOKED on this style of music and dance from French Caribbean.  Took my first classes this weekend from Ivo and Shani- great Kizomba teachers in Los Angeles, CA.

If you’re in LA come take classes with me Tuesdays nights in Downtown Los Angeles.


See you on the Dance Floor!

-Chi “Club Dance King”


6 Cures for Dance Anxiety

Last night I went to the The Merry Questmas party.  Quest is a group of professional dancers who gained fame through winning MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and dancing for Pop sensation LMFAO.
Of course in a party filled with professional dancers and their groupies, a dance circle formed.
For about 15-20 minutes, I stood around watching 20 something year olds freely expressing themselves, reveling in their youth, carefree limberness.
The music was calling me, and I got closer and closer to the center of the circle.  My mind warned me “Hey Dummy, your dancing skill is not up to par with […]

Free Club/Dance Floor Game Class Wash DC Thanksiving Nov 29-dec 2

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learn hip isolation club dance king

The Secret to Amazing Body Control: Isolations

Body Isolations are fundamental drills you can work on daily to improve your control.  3 major iso’s are Head, Chest, and Hips.  Once you get control you can start connecting different body parts in waves which will look really sick.

Secret to Moving Your Hips! (Learn Club Dance)

I’m releasing a new series on many of my secrets to dancing.  Will be putting out new videos every Monday!

The secret to smooth hip movement is bending your knees.  Notice if you’re very upright it is extremely difficult to control your hips.

Once you bend your knees, tighten up your quads and core you’ll have much better control of those hips.